Coleman® Model 229
Born in November of 2002

Coleman® Lamp & Lantern Parts Diagrams

Parts diagrams are useful when it comes to disassembly and/or assembly of appliances, and when searching for parts for them.

Due to my time constraints and the very high number of different appliances that Coleman® has made over the years, I have not scanned my parts books in their entirety yet.

If you don't see a scan for your appliance, please email and I'll see if I have it and will add it for you.

Single Mantle Lanterns
Double Mantle Lanterns
117, 118, 118A, 119, 119A, 129, 129A, 129G, 130G, 130K, 130P, 131P, 132A , 132P
133, 134A, 134G, 134P, 138A, 138B, 139, 143, 150, 150K, 151, 152, 152A
A, B, C, C331, P

Old Town Coleman Home

Never fuel or light a lamp or lantern inside your home, cabin or tent.  Perform these tasks outside, in an area where a defective part or "operator error" won't be disastrous.

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