Coleman® Model 200A
Born in May, 1970

The Old Town Coleman
Learning Center

If you are visiting this website to learn, welcome to the on-line version of Coleman® School.

I had the good fortune of attending the "real" Coleman® school in Wichita, Kansas about twenty years ago. I was trained on safety, appliance restoration and repair as the company required this education to become an Authorized Warrant Center, which is where the Old Town Coleman Center began.

This part of Old Town Coleman is dedicated to do-it-yourself'ers everywhere. The collectors, the outdoorsy folks, the vintage camper enthusiasts, outing families and those who appreciate something old are the reason I have taken the time to write it.

These pages have been written, and re-written, over the past twenty years. The site will continue to evolve as I get older and wiser, and with more time to add to it. Like a fine wine and a Coleman® lantern, it continues to get better with age.

Your questions and comments are always welcome. Post on the Old Town Coleman Facebook page or email me at

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