Coleman® Model #5
Gasoline Clothes Iron

Coleman® Irons & Other User Manuals

User's Manuals contain the manufacturer's safety, lighting, storage and care instructions.

If you don't have one for your appliance, you should be able to find a scan of it here. All manuals are in Adobe .pdf format and you are encouraged to print them off for future reference.

We are always looking to provide more manuals! If you have an old Coleman® User Manual that is not listed here and you'd be willing to share it with everyone, please make a high-resolution scan and send it to if you are willing to share.

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Document Title
Heater 511A700   How to use and enjoy your new... May, 1965
Heater 512A700   How to use and enjoy your new... Undated
Iron 4A   Operating Directions for... Undated
Iron 4D   Operating Directions for... Undated
Iron 609   Operating Directions for... December 1938
Coffee Maker 69   Directions for Brewing... 1934
Coffee Maker 70   Directions for Cleaning... 1935

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