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Old Coleman Paper
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1. To purchase one or more of the items listed below, please send an email to with "Sales" as the subject line. Tell us what you want, and provide your shipping address.

2. For items shown with a quantity of fewer than 5, only one per customer please.

3. Please see our parts diagrams for item uses.

4. First come, first served:  In the event that more items are requested than are actually available, orders will be honored in the order they are received, based solely on the email's time stamp. We try to keep this page accurate, but items may be sold before the listings are updated.

5. We will accept Paypal, but only by exception. Due to their outrageous seller fees, we ask that you make payment with check, money order or cash. We can wait. Thank you for understanding that we DO NOT wish to support Paypal.

6. Shipping costs are calculated based on your zip code, our zip code of 83858 and the box dimensions. We do not charge a handling fee. You can confirm costs on the USPS or UPS websites. We try to keep costs as low as possible but keep in mind that shipping is quite expensive.

7. We are always looking to buy parts lots. If you know of someone who is looking to sell, please let us know!

* Click on the to see a photo of the item.

Last status update: 2pm (Pacific Time) November 16th, 2023

Mantle, #20 20-104 5+ $2.25 Avail 2-pack, compact lanterns
Globe 5114-0481 3 $45.00 Avail For 275/275A lantern.

Generator, Iron 604A2992 3 $35.00 Avail For #4A, #609, #609A
Filler Cap 220C1401 5+ $15.00 Avail Low-shine nickel plate
Valve Assy 508A5571 2 $25.00 Avail  
Fuel Tube 413A6461 3 $3.00 Avail  
Tube Assembly, F&A 425-6461 3 $3.00 Avail  
Generator 533-5891 2 $35.00 Avail 533 stove
Generator 5122-5891 1 $5.00 Avail Propane, in box
Generator 5120-5891 1 $5.00 Avail Propane


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